Welcome to SITES GIS

This platform provides two different types of web-based services for the SITES community:

  1. Station Information Search- Users can openly explore station information and activities for both SITES research stations as well as a global distribution of other northern high-latitude research stations. Using the filtering functions provided, users have the ability to search for research stations that fulfil multiple desired criteria.
  2. Station Management- This function is intended for active SITES station personnel and station visitors and requires an account login (which can be acquired by clicking sign up). The system is designed to automate the management of station visits, activities and publications which then can be used for station planning and decision support.

As part of its basic functionality, SITES GIS captures and processes personal data that fall within the framework of EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

More About SITES

SITES (Swedish Infrastructure for Ecosystem Science) is a distributed national infrastructure for terrestrial and limnological field research. SITES aims to promote high-quality research by enabling long-term field measurements and field experiments, and by making data available.

The core of SITES is a set of field research stations that represent a variety of Swedish climate zones and ecosystems, including agricultural land, forests, wetlands, lakes and streams. In addition to offering well-functioning infrastructures for field research, SITES runs several long-term data collection programs that provide researchers with contextual data.

Open data from SITES is available on the SITES Data Portal. The portal contains quality-controlled data available for download from all SITES stations, thematic programs and station based programs. New datasets are continuously being uploaded. Data collected within SITES is freely available and can be used by anyone as long as the data is cited and acknowledged, following the instructions in the SITES data policy provided when data is downloaded.