Initiative to INTERACT GIS

INTERACT GIS has been developed on the initiative of SLU, and with SLU as the principal investigator. The development work has been ongoing for approximately six years with primary funding from the EU’s Seventh Framework Programme and EU Horizon 2020 (via INTERACT), as well as from the Swedish Research Council (via SITES). According to Swedish copyright law, SLU owns the intellectual property rights to INTERACT GIS, and the right to freely develop INTERACT GIS and offer it to users freely determined by SLU. This applies regardless of the amount of open components in the final software. SLU is also free to choose administrative and operational organisations for INTERACT GIS.

References to INTERACT GIS

If and when INTERACT GIS is mentioned in the media, SLU’s intellectual property rights shall be referred to with the following reference:

Thierfelder T., et al., 2019: INTERACT GIS
Thierfelder, T., Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Department of Energy & Technology, P.O. Box 7032, 750 07 Uppsala, Sweden.